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We believe circularity is the only way to benefit people, the planet, and our profits.

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Invisible Foods was born after years of working in fruit and vegetable wholesale and realising how much fresh produce goes to waste when it is not suitable for retail.

Wholesalers are already doing their best, selling up to 95% of what they receive from farmers. The other 5% that ends up in water is significant enough to affect both wholesaler and farmers’ profits.

Our Intelligent Suite VEZA, enables Wholesalers to prevent and redistribute this 5% easy and fast, so the balance of circularity can be restored in the food value chain.

VEZA, is a Zulu term, that means “to make visible

Best Positioned Team

This is our brave team. We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you.

  • If headshots neville
    Neville M. Mchina
    Chief Executive Officer

    8-year journey navigating global supply chains and fruit trading

  • If tundz
    Tundzhel Mert
    Chief Technology Officer

    12-year track record of constructing tech and nurturing teams to deliver excellent products

  • If caleb
    Caleb Ndlovu
    Chief Product Officer

    5-year journey in resolving business issues with innovative tech product creation

  • If headshots pauleska 1024x1024
    Pauleska Zee
    Chief Information Officer

    7 years deeply engaged in the full Agri-value chain

  • If headshots leo
    Leo Desmedt
    Business Development Manager

    3 years dedicated to the commerce of fresh produce and flowers

  • If deniz
    Deniz Hofmeister
    Lead AI Engineer

    4 years cultivating next-gen technologies in Robotics, AI, and Computer Vision

  • Frame 332
    Christian Kurz
    Chief Commercial Officer

    17 Years International Food Retail Management in Sales, Purchase, Marketing and Digital.

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